Texas Mortgage Rates

World Mortgage Corp offer customized solutions for every residential mortgage financing situation, for all credit grade borrowers.

15 yr fixed -- 4.25
30 yr fixed -- 5.06
5/1 ARM -- 3.38

Pay Day Loan

If you are dealing with a monetary emergency, financial opportunity that cannot wait, or need for cash right now we have a solution for you.
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World Mortgage Corporation is a residential mortgage lender with a vast financial network that enables us to offer our clients every conventional loan product in the mortgage industry.  We offer customized solutions for every residential mortgage financing situation, for all credit grade borrowers.

* Expert loan consultation from professional and courteous loan officers.
* Best rates in the industry.
* FREE consultation, credit report, and pre-approval.


  • Purchase
  • Conventional and Jumbo Loans
  • Construction / Permanent
  • Self-Employed
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Investment Properties
  • Damaged Credit Loans
  • 2nd Homes
  • Much, Much, More......

    Mortgage loan rate in nothing but the rate of interest charged on the amount borrowed by the borrower by the lending institution. The rate of interest charged by the mortgage institution depends on so many factors. They factors are type of the house, location of the house, geographical setting of the house, no of occupants of the house etc. Texas mortgage rates is very reasonable owing to the competition in the business.

    Many are not aware how to apply for the mortgage loan. Let those be informed that they can very well walk in to the financial institution such as bank located nearer to their dwelling. Otherwise they can sit at home or office and can browse the internet for the mortgage loan provider. The biggest advantage of online search is that it saves hell a lot of time and money [fuel saving]. Besides the borrower can compare the rate of interest of the listed mortgage lenders and decide on the best offer. One can get in touch with interactive Texas mortgage rates calculators through internet and those calculators will provide the maximum amount one can apply for the property to be mortgaged. The interactive mortgage calculators will even provide you with monthly repayment schedule and amount.

    There are many who have mortgage loan already and will require additional money. Such person can go in for second mortgage loan or equity line of credit. As the money lending institution has to take more risk, invariably the second mortgage loan rate of interest will be more than the first mortgage loan. The borrower can also go in for equity line of credit with the help of his established equity. This way the borrower can money as and when required in small amounts. The Texas mortgage loan rate of interest is affected by the credit rating of the person. After getting the loan, the person should pay the instalments in time and in right amount. In case of the default, the credit rating will be poor and for those the rate of interest will be more for the subsequent loan. The borrower should keep this in mind and should be very prompt in his payments only then he can get loans at cheaper rate of interest in latter dates as his credit rating will improve.

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